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Yet another superb tribute to one of England's most endearing artists

What Makes You Tick?

What’s The Goal?

What’s Your Favourite Style or Song

I have strived over the years to be the best that I can be. Whatever the venue, whatever the task. My musical background came from my parents who lived through the second world war and I pride myself that if I perform any of that style of music it is through them the real stuff comes through. My Dad played organ in the Kings Head Woodbridge, Suffolk.  Friday Saturday and Sunday  for 18 years so you can bet most tunes during that period were drizzled in. From rock bands in the 70s and 80s through duo work in the 90s with my old buddy Dave Charles right through to the noughties I have gleaned many styles and I feel privileged to love them all.

To always provide a good show whatever the venue. From the local pub to the Manchester Opera House you can guarantee my heart and soul is always in the show. Anyone who has ever seen my performance would say that. Never 99% always 100.

Truthfully I don’t have one!  Albeit  Pop, Rock Country or Swin

Truthfully I don’t have one!  Albeit  Pop, Rock Country or Swing. Singing along with the oldies at  the nursing home I love it all and hopefully always will.    It  keeps me young!